About Us

The leading progressive alternative to Turning Point USA.

Together, let’s end the far-right’s monopoly on the microphone.

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Our Vision

Dream for America is a Gen Z-led 501(c)4 non-profit founded on July 4th, 2023 by William He focused on identifying, educating, and mobilizing America’s students to promote the principles of freedom, democracy, & progressive government. We’re building the most organized, active, and powerful pro-democracy grassroots network both online and on-campuses across the country to engage young Americans of all backgrounds at all times — not just on the eve of an election.

We believe that every young American can be illuminated towards real democratic values and inspired to usher in a new wave of pro-democracy progressivism echoing the visions of Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, & President Joe Biden. Against the backdrop of hateful and divisive far-right forces drawing young Americans towards extremism — Dream for America is here to chart a better course, offer young people a better vision for America, and reclaim the values of freedom and patriotism as an American value — rather than a conservative one. Together, we’ll mobilize a new generation of democracy defenders because we are the leading progressive alternative to far-right youth groups like Turning Point USA.

Dream for America is actively onboarding hundreds of young organizers in 24 states, with a robust on-the-ground chapter presence in dozens of campuses coast to coast.

The only way we fight fascism and defend democracy is to come together not as Democrats, not as Republicans – but as Americans, and as human beings first and foremost – to usher in a new era of politics not about division, but about solving the problems that we all share.

The 3 C’s: Chapters, Creators, Conferences

Grassroots Chapters

Dream for America is dedicated to supporting students on campus across America through innovative youth-tailored marketing, distributing educational literature, hosting on-campus events with local leaders, & counter countering TPUSA-sponsored far-right student government candidates by distributing “Democracy Grants” for pro-democracy candidates to cover campaign expenses and engage their peers in campus civic engagement.

Dream for America currently employs a volunteer staff of hundreds of young organizers empowered to recruiting new activists, registering voters, and becoming major leaders of the movement within their community. Together, it’s time we truly make advocacy accessible for all by educating, engaging, & mobilizing the students of today and the leaders of tomorrow.

Let’s do more than just mobilize already-progressive politically-engaged students. Let’s expand our tent and extend a hand to politically disengaged or disillusioned students, and even to young Americans moderate or conservative alike.

At Dream for America, we play offense with a sense of urgency to go to the places where progressives are in the ideological and philosophical minority. And we may not always be welcome when we go these campuses or these rural communities — but we win when we go to places where we aren’t welcome and we go there anyways. We’ll extend our outreach through chapters and training sessions across the country beyond deep-blue college campuses into trade schools, places of faith, working-class communities, suburban, and rural America.

Community of Digital Creators

By employing creative branding, “memes”, and relevant pop-culture into day-to-day marketing and organizing activities, Dream for America constantly reaches new demographics and expands our base of supporters young and old. We combine culture and politics to combat Turning Point’s content creating army of agitators and engage young people in meaningful, educational, and effective ways.

Our diverse community of organizers don’t just create innovative content, but also pursue values-based candidate endorsements & public policy advocacy utilizing our Zoomer’s New Deal — which is THE most comprehensive & visionary policy platform put forward by any Gen-Z organization.

To counter the dominance of far-right media and reach new audiences, Dream for America has reinvented the playbook for progressive messaging. Progressives must:

  • reclaim American history and embrace values like freedom & patriotism.
  • do less screaming about democracy being under siege, and spend more time focusing on why democracy matters.
  • rebut far-right messaging by posing questions like “what is woke” & flipping America First rhetoric on its head (ie. America First in progress & prosperity NOT fear & hate).
  • shy away from using complicated academic language and complex policy explanations.
  • boil down key issues into simple, repeatable, & relatable ways.

Hosting Activist Conferences: DemocracyFest 2024

Dream for America aims to be the leading and premiere brand in events and organizing for young progressive activists across America. Starting in 2024, we hope to hold summits and conferences both local and national sponsored by pro-democracy stakeholders across the country. Our flagship event will be “DemocracyFest 2024”. Each conference will aim to feature leading thought-leaders and field experts in the progressive movement, as well as provide resourceful and innovative break-out training and networking sessions for attendees.

At a time when the average US Senator is 64.3 years old, we’re building a bench of new and young leaders of the progressive movement. Dream for America believes it’s not only important to expose young people to tremendously intellectual and inspiring speakers – as well as provide students with the tools and connections they need to effectively battle radical right-wing extremism. Furthermore, at the events Dream for America plans to host, we cultivate a spirit that we are stronger together. Young Americans of all backgrounds, identities, and political stripes are given a place in our community to realize that they are not alone in their progressive values – instead, when you take away the labels, we are more alike than we are different.

Why Us?

Many progressive youth groups are staunchly left-wing or far-left organizations who focus and advocate for issues relegated to those in the so-called “DC bubble” or otherwise wealthier, white, and college-educated young voters. As such, many of these groups only impact deep-blue cities or already liberal urban college campuses, focusing only on reaching already die-hard politically engaged liberals without a concentrated effort on building new coalitions or changing hearts and minds.

While other organizations focus on performative activism or electoral get-out-the-vote (GOTV) efforts, Dream for America is focused leading the field as the #1 progressive alternative to Turning Point USA by building continuous, long-term, and pro-democracy political power. The heart of our movement lies not in sprinting towards extremism (whether far-left or far-right), but in rallying progressive students and expanding the franchise to include moderate, Independent, or disengaged and apolitical young Americans. Our goal is to help shape the debate both online and on-campus, and inspire a new wave of progressivism across all-sides of the political spectrum to mobilize a new generation of democracy defenders.

President Biden is right when he says we are in a battle for the soul of America. It’s not just for the presidency — it’s all across this country. Young voters are our margin of victory, and we need to treat them as such. Young people have always been the key driving positive social good. The question we face is do we want to be America First in fear and hatred or America First in hope and progress? Do we want freedom and patriotism to be a conservative value or an American one? Our slogan is a better world is possible — because it truly is, only if we choose to invest in our students and invest in their political future.

Our Impact

  • 3+ million impressions & accounts reached across social media (87% in the 30 days)
  • recruited hundreds of volunteers spanning 24+ states
  • chapter presence coast to coast
  • nearly HALF of our team represent swing-states or red-states
  • 43% of our volunteers identify as LGBTQ+
  • average grassroots contribution of $35
  • broad Gen-Z support for our Zoomer’s New Deal & our general messaging that transcends demographics, party affiliation, & political ideology
  • assembled a board of advisors composed of industry leading political strategists, community leaders, & elected officials