Tackle the Teenage Mental Health Crisis

Teenage mental health is in crisis. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that 1 in 3 high-school girls have seriously considered attempting suicide, with a record-high number of teenage boys experiencing mental distress as well. Mental health affects all of us, but so many struggling don’t get the support they need. A better world is possible, only if we:

  • Cover mental health treatment under a public option healthcare plan.
  • Expand Telehealth services to reach young people in rural America.
  • Launch a national initiative for suicide prevention.
  • Create a culture that fosters hope and community and addresses the root causes of teenage mental health issues by: promoting healthy social connections, supporting academic access without forcing undue pressure, and de-stigmatizing mental health treatment.

Gen-Z's Blueprint for America:

  1. New Deal for the 21st Century
  2. America First in Quality of Life
  3. Life, Liberty, & Pursuit of Happiness
  4. Make America Cool Again
  5. Marshall Plan for America
  6. Wage A War on Poverty
  7. Guarantee Healthcare to All
  8. World-Class Education
  9. Defend Our Democracy
  10. A Green New Century
  11. America Open For Business
  12. End the War on Drugs
  13. Women’s Rights Are Human Rights
  14. Reclaim Our Freedom
  15. Safe Streets & Secure Neighborhoods
  16. Affordable Housing for All
  17. A Welcoming Nation of Immigrants
  18. Moral Global Leadership
  19. Tackle the Teenage Mental Health Crisis
  20. Protect the Second Amendment & Second Graders